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JavaScript Bookmarklets for Accessibility Testing

Bookmarklets for Accessibility Testing use JavaScript to highlight roles, states, and properties of accessibility elements on the page. They are accessible to screen reader users and work on any browser including mobile phones.

Drag and drop the Install Link into your bookmarks bar to use in any browser. Most bookmarklets have an inaccessible Demo Page where you can test how the bookmarklet works live.

On Android devices bookmarklets must be activated via the browser search bar typing in the name of the bookmark otherwise it will not work just by tapping the bookmark normally like on iOS.

Bookmarklets now support accessibility testing of same-domain <iframe> elements but not cross-domain iframes.

Bookmarklets are also available as a standalone a11yTools Extension for Safari macOS.

Bookmarklet Demo Pages and Installation Links
Bookmarklet Demo Page Install Link
Images Images Images
Forms Forms Forms
Headings Headings Headings
Tables Tables Tables
Landmarks Landmarks Landmarks
Page Title   Page Title
Lang Lang Lang
Tabindex Tabindex Tabindex
Title Attributes Title Attributes Title Attr
Iframes Iframes Iframes
Lists Lists Lists
Force Show Focus Force Show Focus Force Focus
Reset Page Reset Page Reset Page
Grayscale Grayscale Grayscale
aXe Console.log aXe Console.log aXe Console

GitHub Repo:

TODO: <select onchange>?, & Visual Icons. Disable CSS? <audio><video>?, onclick events?, Potential Headings?