a11yTools Extension for Safari macOS

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a11yTools Safari Extension: ARIA, Images, Forms, Headings, Tables, Landmarks, Page Title, Lang, Tabindex, Title Attributes, Iframes, Lists, Force Show Focus, Reset Page, Grayscale, aXe console.log(results), tota11y, HTML_CodeSniffer, Google A11y Dev Tools console.log(), WAVE, Validate Page, ARIA 1.1 Spec, ARIA Authoring Practices, ARIA Rules & Notes, WCAG 2.0 A, AA, AAA Checklist a11yTools Right Click Menu


Download & Open Extension from Safari macOS to Install

The extension must be installed from Safari on macOS. It creates an a11yTools Toolbar Item that displays a menu of accessibility testing tools.

Accessibility Testing Tools & Documentation

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