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Android & TalkBack Mobile Accessibility Cheat Sheet

TalkBack Gesture & Keyboard Commands (Default keymap)
Action Gesture Keyboard
Accessibility Shortcut
Hold Power Button Then Two-Finger Tap + Hold
Click focused element Double-tap Alt + Enter
Long-press focused element (touch and hold)
Alt + Shift + Enter
Back Down then left Alt + Control + Backspace
Decrease granularity
Alt + Minus sign (-)
Home Swipe Up Then Left Alt + Control + h
Increase granularity
Alt + Plus sign (+)
Move Edit Box Cursor Up or Down Volume Buttons
Move slider down Left then Right Volume down
Move slider up Right then left Volume up
Move to first item Up then down Alt + Control + Left arrow
Move to last item Down then up Alt + Control + Right arrow
Notifications Right then down Alt + Control + n
Open global context menu Down then right Alt + Space
Open local context menu Up then right Alt + Shift + Space
Pause/Resume TalkBack Long-Press Volume Up + Down Buttons Alt + Shift + Z
Recent apps Left then up Alt + Shift + R
Scroll Two-Finger Drag Up or Down
Scroll back Left then Right
Scroll forward Right then left
Search the screen
Alt + Control + / (forward slash)
Select Item Tap Alt + Shift + Right/Left Arrows
Move to next item Swipe Right Alt + Right arrow
Move to previous item Swipe Left Alt + Left arrow
Cycle through navigation settings Swipe up or down
Move to item above
Alt + Up arrow
Move to item above
Alt + Down arrow
Read from top
Alt + Control + Enter
Read from next item
Alt + Control + Shift + Enter
Navigate to next or previous window
Alt + Control + Down or Up arrow
Switch Apps
Hold Alt + Tab
Recent apps/Overview Left then up Alt + Control + r
Open list of custom actions
Alt + Control + Space
Move to next word
Alt + Shift + Control + Right arrow
Move to previous word
Alt + Shift + Control + Left arrow
Move to next character
Alt + Shift+ Right arrow
Move to previous character
Alt + Shift+ Left arrow
Android Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
Command Key
Add or edit bookmark Ctrl+D
Close current tab Ctrl+W
Find in page Ctrl+F
Focus URL bar Ctrl+L, Alt+D
Go backward in current tab Alt+Left
Go forward in current tab Alt+Right
Go to History Ctrl+H
Open a new tab Ctrl+T
Open a new window Ctrl+N
Open an Incognito tab Ctrl+Shift+N
Print Ctrl+P
Reload page Ctrl+R, F5
Restore zoom level Ctrl+0
See bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+B
Show help and feedback Ctrl+?
Show menu Alt+F
Stop loading Escape
Switch to last tab Ctrl+9
Switch to next Tab Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+PgDown
Switch to Nth tab Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc
Switch to previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+PgUp
Zoom in Ctrl+Plus, Ctrl+=
Zoom out Ctrl+Minus
Button Alt + b
Control Alt + c
ARIA landmark Alt + d
Editable field Alt + e
Focusable item Alt + f
Graphic Alt + g
Heading Alt + h
Heading level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Alt + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
List Alt + o
List item Alt + i
Link Alt + l
Table Alt + t
Checkbox Alt + x
Combo box Alt + z
Firefox Quick Nav
Element Key
ARIA Landmark D
Button B
Checkbox X
Combobox C
Form Control F
Heading H
Image G
Link K
List L
List Item I
Previous Quick Nav Item Shift + Key
Radio button R
Separator S
Tab P
Table T
Text Entry E
Firefox Android Keyboard Shortcuts
Command Keys
Back Control + [
Close Tab Control + W
Find Control + F
Forward Control + ]
New Tab Control + T
Reload Control + R
Stop Control + .
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Android 5.1.1 HTML4 Support
Attribute Firefox 50 Chrome 55
<abbr> title Yes Yes
<caption> Yes Yes
<fieldset> <legend> Yes No
<hX> Headings Yes Yes
<img> alt Yes Yes
<img> longdesc No No
<label> Yes Yes
<td> headers ? No
<th> Yes Yes
<th> scope Yes No
lang attribute No No
title attribute Yes IMG Yes
<table summary> Yes No
Android 6 WAI-ARIA Support
Attribute Firefox 50 Chrome 55
aria-describedby Yes Yes
aria-expanded Yes Yes
aria-haspopup Yes Yes
aria-hidden Yes Yes
aria-invalid No No
aria-label Yes Yes
aria-labelledby Yes Yes
aria-live=assertive Yes Yes
aria-pressed Yes Yes
aria-required Yes No
aria-selected Yes Yes
Landmarks Yes Yes
role=alert No Yes
role=alertdialog Yes Yes
role=dialog Yes Yes
role=status Yes Yes
role=tab Yes Yes
role=tablist Yes Yes
role=tabpanel No Yes
Android HTML5 Support (Buggy with TalkBack)
Element or Attribute Firefox 39.0 Chrome 43.0.x
<article> No No
<aside> Yes No
<audio> Yes Yes

<details> <summary>

<dialog> No Yes but no a11y semantics
<figure> <figcaption> Yes
<footer> Yes No
<header> Yes No
<input autofocus> Yes Yes
<input disabled>

<input min/max>

<input pattern>

<input placeholder> Yes Yes
<input required> Not Accessible Not Accessible
<input step>

<input type=color> Yes but no a11y Yes but no accessible name
<input type=date> Not with TalkBack Yes but no accessible name
<input type=datetime-local> Not with TalkBack Yes but no accessible name
<input type=datetime> Not with TalkBack No
<input type=email> Yes Yes but no accessible name
<input type=file> Yes Yes
<input type=month> Not with TalkBack Yes but no accessible name
<input type=number> Yes Yes but no accessible name
<input type=range> Yes but how to adjust? Yes but no accessible name
<input type=search> Yes No
<input type=tel> Yes with a11y issues Yes with a11y issues
<input type=time> Not with TalkBack Yes but no accessible name
<input type=url> Yes Yes but no accessible name
<input type=week> Not with TalkBack Yes but no accessible name
<main> Yes No

<nav> Yes No

<section> No No

<track> Yes Yes
<video> Yes Yes