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iOS & VoiceOver Mobile Accessibility Cheat Sheet

VoiceOver Gesture & Keyboard Commands
Command Gesture Keyboard
* = Quick Nav Only   Quick Nav Only
Accessibility Shortcut Triple-Click Home VO + H + H + H
Activate Item Double Tap or Split Tap VO + Spacebar
Adjust Value Swipe Up or Down Up or Down Arrow *
App Switcher Double-Click Home VO + H + H
Back/Escape Two-Finger "Z" Escape
Change Item's Label Two-Finger Double Tap and Hold VO + /
Change Rotor Item Two-Finger Rotate Up Arrow + Left or Right Arrow *
Copy Spoken Text Three-Finger Quadruple Tap VO + Shift + C
Home Click Home VO + H
Item Chooser Two-Finger Triple Tap VO + I
Magic Tap (Pause Music) Two-Finger Double Tap VO + -
Mute VoiceOver Three-Finger Double Tap VO + S
Next/Previous Rotor Item Swipe Up or Down Up or Down Arrow *
Pause Speech Two-Finger Tap Control
Quick Navigation On/Off * (Keyboard Only Feature) Left Arrow + Right Arrow
Read All From Current Position Two-Finger Swipe Down VO + A
Read All From Top Two-Finger Swipe Up VO + B
Screen Curtain Three-Finger Triple Tap VO + Shift + S
Scroll Three-Finger Swipe Option + Arrow Keys *
Select First Item Four-Finger Tap Top of Screen Control + Up Arrow *
Select Item Tap VO + Right or Left Arrow
Select Last Item Four-Finger Tap Bottom of Screen Control + Down Arrow *
Select Next/Previous Item Swipe Right or Left VO + Right or Left Arrow
Show Keyboard   Eject
Switch Apps Double-Click Home or Four-Finger Swipe Left/Right Command + Tab or Shift Tab
Turn Off VO Help Two-Finger "Z" Escape
VO (VoiceOver Keys)   Control + Option
VoiceOver Help   VO + K
VoiceOver Rotor
Navigation Item
Form Controls
Vertical Navigation
Single-Key Quick Nav VO + Q
Navigation Item Key
ARIA Landmark W
Button B
Form Control C
Heading H
Heading Level 1 1
Heading Level 2 2
Heading Level 3 3
Heading Level 4 4
Heading Level 5 5
Heading Level 6 6
Image I
Link L
List X
Previous Nav Item Shift + Key
Static Text S
Table T
Text Field R
Apple's iOS Accessibility Resources
Apple Accessibility Resources
iPhone User Guide
iOS 10 User Guide in Plain HTML
VoiceOver Keyboard Commands
VoiceOver Gestures
Accessibility - iPhone - Apple
Accessibility for iOS Developers
iOS 10 HTML4 Support
Element or Attribute Supported
<abbr> title No
<caption> Yes
<fieldset> <legend> Yes
<img> alt Yes
<img> longdesc No
<hX> Headings Yes
<td> headers No
<th> Yes
<label> Yes
<th> scope No
lang attribute Yes
title attribute Yes, Focusable Elements & <img>
<table summary> Yes
iOS 10 WAI-ARIA Support
Attribute Supported
aria-describedby Yes
aria-expanded Yes
aria-haspopup Yes
aria-hidden Yes
aria-invalid Yes
aria-label Yes
aria-labelledby Yes
aria-live=assertive Yes
aria-pressed Yes
aria-required Yes
aria-selected Yes
Landmarks Yes
role=alert Yes
role=alertdialog Yes
role=dialog Yes
role=status Yes
role=tab Yes
aria-modal Yes
iOS 10 HTML5 Support
Element or Attribute Supported
<article> No
<aside> Yes
<audio> Yes
<canvas> Yes (VO can't read text)
<details> <summary> Yes
<dialog> No
<figure> <figcaption> No
<footer> Yes
<header> Yes
<input autofocus> Yes
<input disabled> Yes
<input min/max> Yes on date
<input pattern> Yes
<input placeholder> Yes
<input required> Yes
<input step> No
<input type=color> No
<input type=date> Yes
<input type=datetime-local> Yes
<input type=datetime> No
<input type=email> Yes
<input type=file> Yes
<input type=month> Yes
<input type=number> Yes
<input type=range> Yes
<input type=search> Yes
<input type=tel> Yes
<input type=time> Yes
<input type=url> Yes
<input type=week> No
<main> Yes
<mark> No
<meter> No
<nav> Yes
<progress> Yes (no role)
<section> Yes as "Region"
<svg> Yes (VO can read text)
<track> Yes
<video> Yes