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Headings for HTML Document Structure and Accessibility Navigation

This page is a demo of properly structured headings at the correctly nested levels. The demo content starts at the <main> element with <h1>About ACME Inc.</h1>.

To see the heading tags and levels click the Show Headings Code link.

Show Headings Code Reset Page

How to Navigate by Headings with a Screen Reader

All screen readers have a keyboard shortcut key command to navigate by headings, usually it is either the H key or the H key plus a combination of modifier keys e.g. VoiceOver macOS uses VO+H (Control+Option+H) unless you turn on Quick Navigation Mode for single letter quick navigation keys and then you can press the H key alone.

VoiceOver iOS Headings Rotor

Rotate 2 fingers on screen until the Headings setting then swipe up and down between headings.

voiceover for iPhone showing Headings Rotor navigation

TalkBack Android Headings and Landmarks Local Context Menu

Swipe Up and Right, select Headings and Landmarks, then Swipe Left and Right between headings.

Android Headings and Landmarks Local Context Menu

VoiceOver macOS Headings Rotor

Press Control+Option+U then right arrow key to Headings.

voiceover headings rotor list each heading on the page with the level number before the name

NVDA Headings Elements List

Press Insert + F7.

NVDA Headings Elements List

JAWS Heading List

Press Insert + F6.

JAWS Headings List

About ACME Inc.

ACME Inc. was founded in 1992 on the principles of good heading structure.


ACME Inc. sells a variety of products including Widgets and Gadgets. Widgets continue to be our top sellers but with Gadgets 2.0 on the horizon sales will be off the charts!




Client services we provide include: Helping, Finding, Searching, Looking, Answering Questions, etc., etc.


Employee Services

Learn all the tips and tricks on how to navigate employee services offered at work.

Design Notes

Hear from our top notch designers and experts in the field of user experience and usability.

Quality Control

Read blog post from folks who make sure the bugs don't slip through the cracks.


ACME has job openings in the US, globally, and we also have many remote positions.

US Jobs

International Jobs

Remote Positions