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Tables Bookmarklet for Accessibility Testing

Tables Bookmarklet for Accessibility Testing inserts data table tags and attributes into the DOM with a yellow highlighted background so you can quickly identify the accessibility errors. <th> cells show a ♿wheelchair symbol emoji. <caption> tags show a🎓graduation cap emoji. Scope attributes show a 👇 white down pointing backhand index emoji for scope="col" and 🚣 rowboat emoji for scope="row". Headers and summary attributes show a ♿wheelchair symbol emoji. If an ID Reference to a non-existent ID exist then a red x emoji error shows ❌NO ID MATCH. <table> tags are outlined in Olive, <th> are outlined in green, <td> tags have a orange dashed outline. Missing ID reference error cells have a red dotted outline.


Tables Bookmarklet (drag link to bookmarks bar)

Test Content

Month Savings
January $100
Month Savings
1 January $100
2 February $80
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-9:00 Meet with Sam
9:00-10:00 Doctor Williams Sam again Leave for San Antonio
Contact Information
Name Phone# Fax# City
1. Joel Garner 412-212-5421 412-212-5400 Pittsburgh
2. Clive Lloyd 410-306-1420 410-306-5400 Baltimore
3. Gordon Greenidge 281-564-6720 281-511-6600 Houston
State & First State & Sixth State & Fifteenth Fifteenth & Morrison
4:00 4:05 4:11 4:19
Page Title
navigation content
main content
right sidebar content
Homework Exams Projects
1 2 Final 1 2 Final
15% 15% 15% 20% 10% 10% 15%

Calorie burn by pace and weight

Pace 59KG 74KG 86KG
⋯ ⋯
12 min/mile 472 cal/hour 582 cal/hour 691 cal/hour
11 min/mile 532 cal/hour 655 cal/hour 734 cal/hour
10 min/mile 591 cal/hour 727 cal/hour 864 cal/hour
see presentation spot run
over the lazy coder

Visually Hidden Caption Test

Employee directory
First Name Last Name Phone Number Birth Date Sex
Alan Turing (111) 111-1111 1912-06-23 Male
Grace Hopper (202) 222-2222 1906-12-09 Female
Blaise Pascal (333) 333-3333 1623-06-19 Male
Dennis Richie (404) 159-7563 1941-09-09 Male

Month Savings aria-label test
January $100

Monthly savings aria-labelledby test

Month Savings
January $100
table with a title attribute

Bookmarklet Demo

Not so easy installation method